What is it?

Lovense Ambi

What is it?

The Lovense Ambi is an adjustable vibrator that delivers unexpectedly high power. Now playing in single player mode is much more fun, because you do not need to constantly hold the device in your hands. It has a great design that allows your body to adapt to maximum stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. A powerful engine allows you to reach the pinnacle of happiness in a short period of time or prolong your happiness as long as possible. You can use it remotely and directly during sex.

Customer Reviews

I wanted to diversify my intimate life, so I recently bought my first toy - Lovense Ambi. I'm so happy! The vibrator itself is made of a nice touch, slightly compact and easy-to-use material that can be connected via Bluetooth. The advantage is that the vibration level can be adjusted to help you adapt.
My boyfriend went to the army. I love crazy sex, of course, I won't go to the peasants, but I still want to have fun. I found the Lovense Ambi vibrator on the Internet. Although this was my first experience with toys, I decided to order. It was just amazing! Suitable for masturbation: strong vibration, comfortable use, continuous work for one and a half to two hours. Also included is a bag for proper storage. Do not think about using such toys in sex, it just drives you crazy! Recommend!
With a guy, they wanted to feel new sensations in an intimate life. We decided to buy a new toy. This time, the choice fell on the Lovense Ambi vibrator. We have never regretted that they chose her. The vibrating bullet is very small and offers free access to the desired positions along with other toys, but the effect is not bad.
I decided to please the girl and ordered the Lovense Ambi vibro bullet. And I don't regret it! If you only knew how nice it is to see a girl writhe and tremble with pleasure! This is beyond words. In addition, the toy is quite inexpensive. Such a great thing is USB charging. Another advantage is the remote control. You won't believe how many cool things you can do with these vibrators. Highly recommended for use!
When ordering the Lovense Ambi Vibrating Bullet, be prepared for a multitude of emotions never before experienced.This thing will give you unrealistic sensations, sex or masturbation is not the same without this bullet.
Vibro Bullet Lovense Ambi is a miracle cure for adding fire to intimate life. In fact, I have been preparing for the purchase for a long time, since this is my first sex toy. But what I have experienced is by no means comparable. Now I want to try other vibrators from this company. The Lovense Ambi bullet is easy to use and very pleasant to the touch. Charging takes a long time, usually about two hours.
I really love that sex toys are increasingly adapting to the preferences of women. Now all women can stimulate their genitals without using their hands. Women have a lot of erogenous zones in their bodies. In most cases, I am satisfied that this device is absolutely safe to use, it is very flexible and can be individually configured by the owner without causing discomfort or pain. Feelings are just awesome. Try it!
After using the Lovense Ambi vibrator, all other toys seem to fade into the background for a long time. I only use it, definitely! I have never experienced such sensations with any sex toy. My boyfriend does not mind using this bullet during sex, he says that he also likes the sensations.
I bought myself a Lovense Ambi vibro bullet, it is very light and beautiful! Nice to use. The application installed on the phone was very easy to understand, the instructions are very clearly written. I have only the most positive emotions from the purchase!
This is not the first time I have bought myself a virator. Once I came across a page with an advertisement about the Lovense Ambi vibro bullet, I placed an order and never regretted it. I have never had such a strong orgasm. The first time I used it, I couldn't breathe with pleasure. I have not experienced such pleasure when masturbating by hand, or when using other sex toys. This is my best buy in years. Many thanks to the developer for making Lovense Ambi!

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