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The CheckTrue.Reviews site is thousands of reviews about everything you can imagine: stores, goods, services, medicines, companies, online services, pharmacies and much more. Here everyone can share their experience or opinion about a particular product. Every day our site is visited by hundreds of thousands of users who post photo and video reviews, rate, create ratings, warn about shortcomings and problems, share useful tips, and much more. Thanks to our service, a certain idea of ​​​​a particular element can be formed.
CheckTrue.Reviews has been helping users on the Internet for over 10 years. For a long time, the site has been expanding its capabilities and becoming better and more convenient for its users every day.
The platform provides only honest reviews: all publications are moderated, which works around the clock, are checked for fairness and truthfulness. It is unacceptable to slander and condemn, as well as underestimate or, conversely, overestimate the rating of companies and organizations. Only real people leave comments here, who really purchased and used a product or service, and, as a result, were satisfied, or not at all. The main difference between the CheckTrue.Reviews site and similar platforms is its openness, accessibility, and comprehensive coverage of information about a product or service, product or company.


The service was created to help users make the right decision when choosing a product, as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of the services and products provided. Thanks to honest reviews, customers can be sure of the quality of the purchased products or the interaction with a particular company. You will find a large amount of information and answers to the most interesting questions in free access at any time. Users, additionally, if desired, can attach photos and video reviews to their ratings, thus confirming the authenticity and reality of events. Such reviews are the most useful, as they help to see all the details and, literally, to learn everything about the product. It is very important that no one makes a mistake in their own choice and in the end gets what they really expected.
Companies and firms can monitor their reputation, view ratings, ratings, read what buyers think about them, and also, in which case, resolve disputes and misunderstandings.
Every day we work on improving the site, its structure and mechanism, publish updates in a timely manner, expand the choice of companies and provide 24/7 moderation, because these are our main tasks for today.
CheckTrue.Reviews, its extensive team, and honest and constructive feedback will help you make the right choice.


Review site CheckTrue.Reviews is well-established among the most famous and large companies. Also, we cooperate with forms of private and public ownership. Since companies look after their reputation, it will not be a problem to resolve a misunderstanding between the consumer and the seller, if necessary.
We not only provide introductory material, but also give the opportunity to regular visitors to the site to write a review that may be useful to other users.
The reputation of the site is the main achievement of the Internet users themselves, who have been trusted for several years.